Product Lines

EcosFrac Product Line:

Fidelity National Environmental Solutions, LLC (FNES) has developed a product line designed to meet our customers demands based on treatment rates. The technology is scalable, meaning it can be designed to meet variable flow rates. FNES currently has units rated at 10 barrels per minute (420 gallons), 20 barrels per minute (840 gallons), and 80 barrels per minute (3,360 gallons). These units are named EF10, EF20 and EF80, respectively.



EcosFrac 10 Ozonix System (EF10)

The EF10 system is built in to a typical frac tank chassis, which means it can also store up to 500 barrels of treated fluid. The EF10 system has an on-board 60 KW generator, which makes it a stand alone system.

EcosFrac 20 Ozonix System (EF20)

The EF20 system is also incorporated into a frac tank with 500 barrel storage capacity; however, the EF20 system utilizes an external generator.


EcosFrac 80 Ozonix (EF80)

The highest rate Ozonix system currently in the FNES fleet is the EF80 system. The EF80 is mounted on a 53' trailer and utlizes an external 600 KW generator. The EF80's high rate mobility provides better logistical flexibility, which allows the EF80 unit to follow a frac crew from job site to job site or increase the treatement rate in fixed base operations.


EcosFrac 10 Modular Ozonix System (EF10M)

Finally, the latest Ozonix design provides complete flexibility in a modular design. The EF10M system or EF1O Modular system is our latest model, providing ultimate flexibility by allowing the operator to completely remove the treatment system from the frac tank body. The 12'4" x 8' treatment container can be removed, trailer mounted or sat directly on a pad site.


EcosBrine Product Line:

In addition to the EcosFrac product line, which provides stand alone treatment, FNES also offers additional treatement systems for filtration and clarification. The EcosBrine products incorporate additional treatement steps such as cartridge filtration, media filtration, ion exchange or other chemical treatments, which specifically target various treatment objectives, such as suspended boron removal, iron removal or solids separation. In the case of EcosBrine treatment systems, the Ozonix technology is used as a pre-treatement to these additional treatements. In all cases, the disinfection treatment provided by the Ozonix technology is essential in prodiving a clean and reusable treated fluid.